Using Compendiums

Compendiums are books containing all the necessary lore, monsters, rules, and information you will need for your campaign.

Compendiums come in all shapes and sizes. Some add additional written text and references to make in your game, others contain entire datasets for monsters and NPCs. Compendium items can be configured for Drop Actions allowing you to automate your campaign with advanced drag & drop actions.

This article will cover how to use compendiums as well as how to create your own. By the end of this article you should have a complete understanding of how compendiums work and all the unique features they provide inside Astral Virtual TableTop.

Opening a Compendium

To browse a compendium, navigate to My Vault and click on a compendium on the sidebar. This will open a new window.


Compendiums can also be opened in-game. Click on the Compendiums button in-game or use the dropdown arrow to select from a list of compendiums.



To search, simply start typing into the search bar at the top of the compendium and a list of results will appear automatically. Search is performed using full-text search meaning you can search both the title and content of any page in your compendium.

Clicking any result will bring you to that compendium page.


Compendium Organization

Compendiums are composed of Categories and Pages. In the D&D 5th Edition compendium seen above, we have several categories such as Backgrounds, Classes, Feats, and more. Clicking on any category will open up the associated pages and subcategories.

All pages contain a title, content, and drop actions.

Drop Actions

To view to drop actions of a page, click View Drop Actions in the top-right corner.


This will open a screen that shows all the available actions associated with this page.


Drop actions contain a target, action type, and additional metadata depending on the type.


  • Game - Run the associated action type when this page is dropped onto the game board.
  • Token - Run the associated action type when this page is dropped onto a token.

Action Types

  • Create Character - Create a new token from a character sheet.
  • Handout - Will create a new handout in-game referencing this compendium page.
  • Run Macro - Run a macro. If the target is Token, macros can be written in context to @me (See Macros)

You may only edit drop actions for compendium pages you have authored. The included Astral compendiums do not allow editing.

Creating a Character

Select Create Character to reveal the character dropzone. You can add a sheet by dragging and dropping a character from My Vault onto the dropzone. Click Save. When this page is dropped onto your selected target, a new character token will be created.


Running a Macro

Select Run Macro to reveal the macro editor. Enter your macro and click Save. When this page is dropped onto your selected target, it will execute the associated macro.

Using Drop Actions

Run drop actions by dragging a page from the compendium onto the game board or on top of a token. The desired action(s) will run immediately after dropping.


You can also use the titlebar on any page to drag and drop into your game or onto a token.


The included 5e Character Sheet also supports drop actions. Simply drag an item onto an open character sheet to attach it.


Create a Custom Compendium

Any user can create a custom compendium to use in their games.

Click the + (plus) icon located at the top of the My Vault sidebar to create a new compendium. You can name your compendium anything you like.


Click the checkmark next to the input box to save your changes.

Click your new compendium to open.

Creating Categories

Click the Create Category button on the top of your compendium window. Edit categories by hovering over the row and clicking the Pen icon. You can also delete categories by hovering over a category and clicking the X icon.


Creating Pages

Pages must live under a category. To create a page, click on a category and click the Create Page button on the top toolbar. This will open up a WYSIWYG editor.



The editor allows you to format text, reference other compendium pages, write inline macros, and add images.


To format your text, use the buttons on the sub-toolbar.

To add an image, simply drag and drop an image from your computer onto the compendium. This will automatically upload and insert your image.

To reference other compendium pages, type # and begin searching for a page. Press Enter to select the page.


To save your page, click the Save button on the top toolbar. To delete your page, click Delete button.


Pages can also be formated using CommonMark. To write using markdown, click Toggle Markdown Editor on the top toolbar.

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