Creating and Managing a Game

Power Virtual TableTop is capable of managing your entire tabletop campaign with advanced management tools for handouts, characters, tokens, maps, and more.

Note: At the moment Power VTT only supports character sheets relevant for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition but more sheets are planned for development in the near future.

Creating a Game

Start by clicking Play Online using the main sidebar.


Click Create Game on the top of the screen.


You will be redirected to the Game Master View.

Game Master View

As a Game Master, you have full control over the world and the players that inhabit it. You can manage handouts, invite and remove players, create tokens, impersonate characters, manage combat, and much more. The below screenshot is what a typical Game Master view might look like.


The Toolbar


  1. Toggle Editor (E)
  2. World
  3. Weather (Standard/Pro Users Only)
    • Nightime
    • Rain
    • Snow
  4. Video (Pro Users Only)
    • Align Videos Left
    • Align Videos Top
    • Align Videos Right
    • Align Videos Bottom
  5. Toggle Chat Sidebar (CTRL/CMD+1)
  6. Help
  7. Show Map Only

Toggle Editor (E)

Edit your worlds with complete customization with the click of a button Add or remove dynamic lighting paths and create or reveal layers instantly. Press E to toggle between in-game and edit modes or click Toggle Editor.

Further Reading

World: Areas (A)

Open a list of available areas. Press A to toggle the Areas window open/close or press Areas (A) button on the top toolbar.

Import areas by opening the Areas window and clicking Import Map. Select an area from My Vault in the dropdown list.


You can create brand new areas by using Toggle Editor to open the editor, and clicking the + (plus) icon on the top toolbar.


Compendiums (R)

Open the default D&D 5th Edition compendium or displays an optional list of available compendiums. Press R to open the default compendium or use the optional dropdown button to display a list of compendiums.

Further Reading

Combat Tracking (C)

Open the combat tracker by pressing C or clicking the Combat Tracking (C) button on the top toolbar.

Further Reading

Tokens (T)

Quickly add, remove, and edit tokens with the Token Window. Press T to toggle open/close the Tokens window or click Tokens (T) on the top toolbar.

Further Reading

Handouts (H)

Distribute and reveal handouts by pressing H to toggle open/close the Handouts window or clicking Handouts (H) on the top toolbar.

Further Reading

Macros (M)

Create global and player-scoped macros that automate functionality for your roleplaying sessions. Press M to toggle open/close the Macros window or click Macros (M) on the top toolbar.

Further Reading



You must be a paying member to gain access to weather effects.

Weather can be toggled by clicking any of the weather icons on the top toolbar.

  • Nighttime - Casts an ominous color as if dusk or dawn
  • Rain - Heavy Rains
  • Snow - Light Snow

Note: Future plans will extend weather to change the degree of intensity for each effect.

Player View

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